Alexei Nikolaevich: Life and Death of the Heir

Alexei Nikolaevich: Life and Death of the Heir

(Not Real Tape Cover)

Tells about the whole life of Alexei  Romanov and people who were associated with him. From  early  childhood, World War I,  Imprisonment and brutal murder.  Unfortunately, the whole  documentary  is in Russian.
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                                                                            Finding Anastasia

Finding Anastasia   Did Romanov Princess Anastasia survive a Bolshevik firing squad or did she and her brother Crown Prince Alexis perish with their father, Tsar Nicholas II, before another firing squad in 1918? The chance find of human remains in a Siberian forest brings forensic anthropologist Dr.Anthony Falsetti in search of the truth. Marshalling DNA, ballistics and the very latest forensic analysis, an international team works to dispel the greatest myth of the 20th century and tell a real story more remarkable than any fiction.
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